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Google Ads Packages

Search engine results (SERP) are moving more and more toward paid advertising and away from the organic keyword searches of the past. Our cutting-edge Google Ads packages keep you one step ahead of your market competition and provide you with the kind of visibility that will help you bring clients through your door.

At The Counselors Concierge, we pride ourselves on the success of our client’s AdWords campaigns. With this in mind, we are certain our campaigns will bring people to your website, but if the content on your website is not marketing rich and does not speak directly to you client’s needs, prospective clients will likely not call and this could render your campaign ineffective. For this reason, we will review your website and its content to determine whether AdWords will work for you and whether we recommend you purchase one of our packages.

All packages include:

  • Effective, relevant keywords
  • Focused ad groups
  • 2 ads per ad group, designed to compete and cross-bid
  • Customized ad text and destination URLs
  • Customized campaign settings
  • Inclusion of ad extensions
  • After the initial 30 days of a campaign any changes carry a fee of $150 per hour

Ads Packages

Bronze ($1100)* **

This package is best for solo practitioners on a limited budgets, or with specific niche(s)

Package includes:

  • One campaign with both ad extensions and location targeting
  • Initial setup including 100 specific keywords
  • One month management and reporting

Silver ($1650)* **

This package is suitable for most solo practitioners or single location group practices

Package includes:

  • 1-2 campaigns with both ad extensions  and location targeting
  • Initial setup of 150 specific keywords
  • Conversion tracking set-up assistance (additional $175)
  • Three months management and reporting

Gold ($2200)* **

This package is suitable for group practices with several locations, multiple services or complex account needs


  • 2-5 campaigns with both ad extensions  and location targeting
  • Initial setup of 250 specific keywords
  • Conversion tracking set-up assistance (included)
  • Consultation on designing effective landing pages
  • Six months management and reporting

Additional Services

Monthly Account Optimization (Estimate available upon request)

Optimum performance requires maintenance, and to get the best performance from your AdWords account, it’s advisable to have your account managed on an ongoing basis. Monthly account optimization focuses on account performance, and includes monthly reporting on that performance.

Individual rates for monthly optimization are quoted individually because the work of optimization increases with the size and complexity of each unique account.

Package includes:

  • Bid management
  • Inclusion of negative keywords
  • Pausing poor performing keywords
  • Account performance report
  • Discount for three month in advance payment option

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    * Prices reflect the cost of setting up your AdWords campaign. They do not include the monthly ad spend paid to Google.

    ** Packages include basic conversion tracking for calls and contacts. To include ongoing conversion tracking in your package, an additional charge of $175 will be added. This option is available only for WordPress websites.